Monday, 21 March 2016


My first Blog ,
                        let me get this straight, at first i had no idea why on earth should i create a Blog then after a lot of thinking  [trust me usually i don't do that] i decided to give my feelings and emotions life virtually using this blog. So that's the reason for my Blog. You guys might think Engineering is all about having fun and nothing less, yeah that's right ,i know what you thought because i had the same idea dude . Well now everything has changed"EVERYTHING" [when i say everything i mean it] Let me make this easy for you
i thought engineering is all about having fun But
it turned out to be ditto of 14 years of school life [which for a few guys might have been memorable, well not for me ]
i thought engineering is about expressing your talent [ speaking about talent you guys might think what talent do i have , i speak that's all i know that's all i do]
trust me there is always a guy you have to compete with to prove yourself 
i thought engineering was a place where you see beautiful girls and get committed in a serious relationship
What do i say, life is all about disappointments 
i thought engineering is all about colourful clothes
if you have the same idea spoiler alert , i don't know about other colleges but a major number of colleges in tamil nadu to be exact [that's right am from tamil nadu where exactly i'll say in my upcoming blogs] don't allow T-shirts that's cool but Jeans ,seriously!!!
 if you think thats all prepare yourself so much more is coming.
so guys keep posted , and i promise to read all comments [Only if you comment]